Meet Our Labs Managers

Each WeWork Lab is operated by a dedicated Labs Manager. These super-connectors draw from their own personal startup experiences and careers with companies like Uber, Spotify, Techstars and Ofo to ignite our member companies' growth.
Adam Yee

Austin, United States

Hi, I'm Adam Yee and I'm a food scientist. I've made products like chocolate, jams, protein chips, granola bars, protein bars, deli meat and plant-based meat. I also love podcasts and have my own called My Food Job Rocks which has over 200 episodes.
Alex Junior

São Paulo, Brazil

I have been working with startups since day-one of my career - as founder and as employee. I have also worked on acceleration programs with Google and Facebook. My passion is to constantly be learning and my purpose is to use my passion for CHANGE!

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We are constantly looking for great entrepreneurs to join our amazing team of labs managers. If you love the startup ecosystem, are a great connector, and love helping people, apply below!
Alyssa Pizzuro

SF Bay Area, United States

I am a long time WeWork veteran and hospitality specialist with a history in Food and Beverage. Having worked in diverse industry roles, I am forever passionate about uniting teams and having impact.
Anaïs Léa Chetrit

London, United Kingdom

I've worked in SE Asia and the UK launching an online travel startup and leading BD Operations teams in the Proptech and Gig economy spaces. I love helping early-stage startups go from pre-seed stage to Series A and supporting entrepreneurs daily.
Arnab Chatterjee

Mumbai, India

I really enjoy working with forward-thinking early stage businesses, living the hustle of the startup culture, helping ideas grow and bringing them to reality. At my last role, I led strategy and execution for programs in the business innovation vertical at an ed-tech startup.
Barron Zuo

Shenzhen, Greater China

With years of consulting and investment experience, I consider myself to be a strong entrepreneurial business developer and strategic thinker. My background is heavily rooted in venture accelerators and multinational corporations.
Beau Bergman

Denver, United States

Previously I was running partnerships and operations as the co-founder and COO of a mobile travel app and augmented reality spectating app. With experience building popular hardware products, I regularly help mentor other startups in the Denver/ Boulder startup ecosystem.
Bryn Erickson

Minneapolis, United States

As a driven, sales oriented strategist, I innovate in impactful and compelling ways. As a technology enthusiast, I bring creative thinking and ideation to every project. As a previous founder, I am excited to share my experience and knowledge with our members to help them grow!
Bruno Scolari

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Before I joined WeWork Labs, I oversaw strategic planning and engineering for a series of large corporations and managed the first public accelerator in Brazil. I've always been driven by the opportunity to change people's mindset through innovation and new models!
Carlos Estrada

Houston, United States

I am an experienced founder with an extensive background in startup acceleration, enterprise digital transformation, and building innovation hubs globally. My last creation was a multifaceted incubator, accelerator, and fund dedicated to startups in agriculture and food.
Chisoo Woo

Seoul, South Korea

Multi-disciplined entrepreneur focused on growth. I've been supporting technology companies in diverse areas of growth for the past decade. Founded Digitalondon which incubates technology start-ups and supports companies through the areas of conceptualization, funding and growth.
David Wohde

Frankfurt, Germany

I am a digital enthusiast and serial entrepreneur with 8 years of experience in building and scaling ventures in the B2B field. My venture, a startup I co-founded called Acomodeo, was named one of the European Top 100 Prop-Techs in 2017.
Elizabeth Scallon

SF Bay Area, United States

As an early stakeholder in the Seattle startup ecosystem, I was an early team member of VLST and part of the inaugural class of biotech startups at Accelerator Corporation before I went on to lead CoMotion Labs at the University of Washington. I also hold an MBA from Georgetown.
Esther Soo

Singapore, Singapore

Prior to WeWork Labs, I worked with Enterprise Singapore. I greatly enjoy working with early stage startups because of the inside look into companies and to further understand the fundamental building blocks.
Fan Zhao

Beijing, Greater China

Prior to WeWork labs, I worked in several Chinese high growth internet and unicorn companies, in corporate strategy and operating roles. My core strength is in growth strategy, supply chain management, new retail and ecommerce.
Gustavo Alvarez Moreno

Mexico City, Mexico

In founding three companies, my entrepreneurial experience spans across business development, talent development, and customer support. I specialize in growing small teams into companies with 20+ employees. My expertise is in e-commerce, crowdfunding, and early-stage startups.
Hadeel Al Tashi

Washington, D.C., United States

Prior to joining WeWork, I managed the C5 accelerator program, handled a portfolio of 22 early stage investments and worked closely to expand a network of mentors, partners and investors to ensure that the portfolio companies had the resources needed to prosper and scale their b…
Hayes Metzger

SF Bay Area, United States

I am an entrepreneur and software engineer, who enjoys working with early stage startups because of the excitement and energy associated with people passionate about changing the world for the better.
Isabel Rodrigues

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Prior to WeWork Labs, I worked helping startups and companies to take a more careful look at their activities and the socio-environmental impact they have in our ecosystem. My passion is to seek for opportunities for transformational change and social innovation.
Jaeyeon Lee

Seoul, South Korea

I have worked across various industries, including healthcare, mobile marketing, and education. With a Master in Science from Harvard School of Public Health, I am passionate about helping startups to grow and expand their businesses.
Jason Minkee Kim

Seoul, South Korea

Making ideas happen is my absolute favorite part of working with early-stage startups. I consider myself to be an amplifier; acting on great ideas and helping companies turn them into action.
Jingjing Chen

Beijing, Greater China

I previously worked at a renowned private foundation, a global consulting firm and 2 startups across China and the United States. As a global social platform founder, my expertise allows me to help startups grow and succeed through an active and engaged community.
Joey Womack III

Atlanta, United States

My life's purpose is to equalize socio-economic disparities in communities around the world, and my goal is to positively influence 1 billion people by the year 2039.
John Yi

Shanghai, Greater China

As an open-minded and hard-working explorer, I enjoy problem solving for challenges personally and professionally. The world of startups and growth excites me because of the opportunity to work with passionate and innovative entrepreneurs.
Jooch Nam

Seoul, South Korea

I have a diverse array of experience in broadcasting, education, consulting, government, and corporate verticals. I love working with startups, helping them create viable business models, and connecting them to angel investors and venture capitalists across all industries.
Jordan Niemeyer

New York City, United States

Watching a product or service progress from idea to reality is incredibly satisfying. Knowing the hard work it takes to build a product from the ground up, I find it rewarding to see early wins and success from early-stage startups.
Josh Carter

Portland, United States

I am a serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping early stage founders connect with others who can be helpful. As a US Navy vet I feel a sense of pride and duty to build my community into being the best it absolutely can be through shared experiences.
Kelly Quackenbush

New York City, United States

After spending six years in media marketing at Condé Nast, with Bon Appétit and Epicurious, I realized I wanted to return to my true passion: food. AFrench Culinary Institute, I am so excited to help our members at Food Labs achieve their dreams.
Kim van Haalen

London, United Kingdom

I worked across three technology start-ups (of which two were venture-backed), founded my own venture within social impact accelerator Zinc VC, and worked at tech giant Salesforce. I love working with exceptional visionaries to shape their companies - and the world.
Leah Berwald

Tel Aviv, Israel

I worked previously as a startup consultant at a growth agency, ran marketing for a food startup and was a founding team member of The Floor Fintech hub, connecting startups to financial institutions. I was also co-Founder of Tel Aveat, the leading foodie community of TLV.
Marina Urazaeva

Moscow, Russia

I am a senior Marketing and Business Development professional with more than 10+ years of proven experience at world-leading IT companies, both B2C and B2B.
Mina Salib

New York City, United States

As an active member of the New York City startup community since 2014, I am proud to have founded a company, invested in several others and to have supported 100+ startups through fundraising, scaling and development. I also specialize in working with B2B companies leveraging AI.
Monica Wulff

Sydney, Australia

As the co-founder and former CEO of Startup Muster, the largest survey in the Australian startup ecosystem, and the host of the Digital Love Podcast, I have a diverse and varied background. I am also fluent in German with a bachelor's degree in Applied Finance and Economics.
Monika Hirschbichler

Raleigh-Durham, United States

I am a former entrepreneur with 15+ years experience launching growth and outreach strategies for institutional, corporate and research organizations with a recent focus on entrepreneurship. Fun Fact: I hold a Ph.D. in Art History + Archaeology.
Mor Aviram

Tel Aviv, Israel

My entrepreneurial journey began when I started my own PR venture. From there my work with early-stage startups flourished. Prior to WeWork Labs I ran tech at a media consultancy firm and launched a podcast for young entrepreneurs with a focus on marketing in the digital space.
Natthapong Sasasmit

Bangkok, Thailand

Before joining WeWork Labs I ran startups focused on marketing automation, education, and logistics. I love to be surrounded by and working with passionate people who strongly believe in their work and its greater impact.
Nia Escobar

Cologne, Germany

I am an experienced connector focused on strategic entrepreneurial development and startup ecosystem creation. With focus on the European region, I work with investors, corporates and startups to innovate across industries, including financial services, health, and IoT.
Niv Borenstein

Tel Aviv, Israel

I’ve been part of Tel Aviv's startup ecosystem since early 2012, leading my company's business strategy and implementation. Excited to help startups perfect their pitch, connect to the right partners, and offer tools to handle the all-to-familiar emotional entrepreneurial stress.
Olivia Hervy

Paris, France

I love to help entrepreneurs grow. During the 10+ years that I have spent in the startup ecosystem, I launched several technology initiatives including Midemlab, an accelerator program that I led to become the leading music-related startups event.
Omer Eliyahu

Herzliya, Israel

With a background in social impact, I have seen first-hand how talent can drive amazing change in the world. In my previous role as the GM of an entrepreneurship program for elite tech-minds in Israel, my mission was to help entrepreneurs succeed and create that impactful change.
Pedro Sostre

Miami, United States

I am 3x founder with a focus on product, growth and a passion for helping others succeed. I've been in Miami for 30+ years, growing with this incredible city. My mission is to keep fueling that progress and help establish Miami as a globally respected city for startups.
Piotr Boulange

Warsaw, Poland

With a focus on the influence of the coworking space environment, I am currently completing my PhD and have previously earned my Masters degree in Sociology followed by an Executive MBA. I am also the Warsaw Chapter Director for the world's largest idea-stage accelerator.
Rahul Seth

Gurugram, India

I am excited to bring my experience as 2x founder, infantry officer, full-time builder, space enthusiast and chemical engineer to the members of WeWork Labs. I enjoy product design, user research, investment analysis, and in my spare time, endurance running and board games.
Rebecca Liang

Shanghai, Greater China

I am a dot connector that understands the role human nature plays in supporting startups. I know how to align team and mission while optimizing for smart ROI-based decision-making, leveraging big data, and analytics.
Ren Butler

Melbourne, Australia

I have worked to drive growth within startups, innovation, and the ecosystem of capacity building in Australia for the past six years. My experience spans teaching, applied technologies and business systems.
Richard Zeng

Shanghai, Greater China

During my time at Naked Hub I was responsible for creating community from the ground up and simultaneously managing multiple locations. I love the hunger among early-stage startups and those chasing their goals.
Sabela García Cuesta

Hamburg, Germany

I joined the WeWork Labs team to drive global innovation by helping startups and corporations create the future. Taking on new challenges has never scared me and I want to empower everyone around me to take action, to be fearless and to make bold decisions.
Scott Trowbridge

London, United Kingdom

As a multi-disciplined entrepreneur focused on growth, I've been supporting technology companies for the past decade. I founded Digitalondon which incubates technology start-ups and supports companies through the areas of conceptualization, funding and growth.
Sintija Meissner

Prague, Czech Republic

For my last 4+ years in Prague I worked for two different startup studios; one of them building companies for multinational corporations, and the second one focusing on vertical AI startups. My roles have included market research, community building and business development.
Tessa Price

New York City, United States

Prior to Food Labs, I was leading operations and community for the largest shared commercial kitchen group in the US. My background is in operational strategy and concept development. I've worked with hundreds of startups, across the food ecosystem focusing on sustainably.
Thea Li

Shanghai, Greater China

Throughout the evolution of my work experience, I have focused on enhancing cross-cultural and industrial ties. I am incredibly passionate about helping startups thrive within their specific area and establishing more macro perspectives.
Tom Lowden

Toronto, Canada

Before joining WeWork Labs, I built a university accelerator, ran early-stage investments for a media company and built a series of coffee shops. I love working with entrepreneurs that are trying to change the world.
Vessela Ignatova

London, United Kingdom

Before WeWork, I earned a London Business School MBA and focused on unlocking opportunities through securing product-market fit. I worked in marketing and strategy at blue chip and start up companies (including Uber and Nissan), and in Venture Capital in London.
Victoria Almazovaite

Dublin, Ireland

I’ve managed business development, strategy, and launched my own fashion-technology platform. I later pursued my ambition for digital product development and learned that while important, technology does not make a business, relationships do.
Will Akins

Dallas - Fort Worth, United States

Prior to WeWork Labs, I ran incubators in the North Texas region. I love the creativity in problem solving that is required for finding innovative solutions.

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